Tuesday, 4 September 2018

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Pastors, Leaders and Christians gathered in their numbers to hear Dr Errol Naidoo address them on the current state of South Africa and the fresh vision for the ACDP come 2019. Accompanying Errol Naidoo, were Jo-Ann Downs and Jameel Essop. Those gathered at Toti, South Coast believe its time for Godly Governance in South Africa https://ift.tt/2wGiCLF

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Pastors, Leaders and 2700 Christians recently welcomed ACDP Deputy President Wayne Thring, Errol Naidoo and Jameel Essop to the Durban Connect, Phoenix, Durban. https://ift.tt/2Q1HUgc

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Recently, Dr Errol Naidoo together with ACDP Deputy President Wayne Thring addressed Pastors and Leaders at the Pietermaritzburg Forum. The fresh vision for 2019 was well received as Pastors & Leaders committed to strengthen the party in its progress. https://ift.tt/2wCM1Xp

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Pastors & Leaders gathered recently at Phoenix Pastors Fraternal to hear ACDP Deputy President Wayne Thring and Errol Naidoo share on the current state of South Africa. The solution and fresh vision of the ACDP was well received as Pastors and Leaders committed to support the party for Godly Governance https://ift.tt/2MJ6xAy

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Sunday, 17 June 2018

Happy Fathers Day was wonderful today at @incite_church My girls spoilt me and blessed me abundantly. https://ift.tt/2HXQ3Nu

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